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Aussegnungshalle Aalen

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Aalen | Deutschland


Brigida Gonzalez | Stuttgart


The funeral parlour at the Aalen Forest Cemetery constructed in 1954 by Prof. Karl Gonser is part of a building complex that characterizes the site. In its external design with a steep roof of plain tiles, it blends in naturally with the building complex, conveying its special use however by means of the significant elevation. The interior is rather accentuated by four stout, semi-circular, reinforced concrete arches, while the room height is restricted by a false ceiling. In order to intensify the existing contrast between the outer and inner form, we echoed the geometry of the reinforced concrete arches and provided the area of the hall with a radial room shell, in which the bereaved are sheltered as if under a canopy. The decision to install panelling of woven willow should be understood as an analogy to the place and its purpose: its sensuality and archaism refer to the cycle of life, to beginning and ending, at the same time. One of the oldest crafts of all, wickerwork is found throughout the world, both geographically and historically. It extends back to the dawn of humanity, and is used from the cradle to the grave. The wickerwork is simultaneously a symbol of the textile, thus woven origin of architecture, a canopy of supple wooden rods for the Forest Cemetery in Aalen.