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Hailfingen | Deutschland


Brigida Gonzalez | Stuttgart


The town centre of Hailfingen is characterized by simple, rural buildings. The area “behind the church” features attractive open spaces. Our ideas for the building designed were informed by analogies to the townscape of Hailfingen. Using architectural interventions such as the sturdiness of the building volume and the size of openings in walls, customary perception behaviours are challenged and indicate the special use of the new parish hall in the village context. A steep roof with double plain tile roofing and plastered walls establish references to rural and traditional building. A few large-scale windows with trim moulding allow views in and out. The interior surfaces are smooth and without joints, in contrast to the outer form of the structure. In the foyer the building’s volume becomes palpable. The gallery on the upper floor brings an alleyway to mind from which three chambers can be accessed.