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Pysall . Ruge Architekten

LTD_1, Hamburg

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office/administrative buildings




Tomas Riehle | Bergisch Gladbach


As part of the revitalization of the St. Georg district of Hamburg, 120 residential units and an office/administrative building of 26,000 sqm were constructed on a site next to St. Georg hospital. The new residential buildings follow and continue the form of the hospital wing. A generously proportioned, noise-protecting inner courtyard benefits both these residential buildings and the new office building in equal measure. The office building’s configuration, composed of four boomerang-shaped elements laid over each other, creates a representative entrance situation, an interior courtyard, and a transitional space to the residential courtyard in the rear. As a result of this building shape, every office has direct sunlight and an unobstructed view. Ecologically friendly materials are used throughout the office building. The new building is a condensed form, and its surface area is optimized. Two service and sanitary cores lie inside and allow flexible use and simple adjustments to future requirements of the users. The building’s materials bear “Blue Angel” certification and are thus ecologically friendly. An innovatively staggered, highly insulating external glass skin, a naturally ventilated double façade, low energy heating and concrete core cooling, as well as an energy-optimized lighting concept reduce the primary energy requirements. In 2010 the building received the highest appraisal for sustainable architecture in Germany, the Gold Certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council.