Meier Leder Architekten: Büroneubau Axpo AG - best architects 11

Meier Leder Architekten

Büroneubau Axpo AG

best architects 11

office/administrative buildings


Baden | Schweiz


Roger Frei | Zürich


A four-storey main building with a parapet and a two-storey connecting structure is being constructed. The building is aligned to the height and typology of the existing buildings in the urban setting. The outer appearance of the building with a horizontal/vertical undulating pattern that interchanges between glossy or matte finishes is constantly transformed as the surface and depth effects of the façade respond to the changing light conditions. In the interior, the flexible dividable office layer is set up around a central core of access, which incorporates two courtyards for the employees, aligned towards each other on each storey. Using coloured bands of light and views into the interior, the courtyards are designed in such a way that they enhance the atmosphere of the office zone. On the façade of the staff restaurant at the garden level, ornamentation in the form of an endless bolt of lightning has a homogenizing effect on the wall and ceiling, creating an elegant impression within the space. The building fulfils the Minergie-Eco Standard and the values set by the SIA energy efficiency guidelines.