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Egger Haus

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Hertl Architekten | Steyr


The new house is built on an artificial plateau of a small ragged farmhouse. The surface area is nearly equivalent. The steep site is terraced by stonewalls in order to create usable gardens and to offer the view of the south in spite of the lowered pool area and the parapet walls. Due to its topography, the house has only one possibility for distant view, therefore the concept submits to this fact. This is reflected in the clear organization of four individual blocks in the south, which are bundled by a spine consisting of side rooms in the north. Their orientation is readable by funnel-shaped window reveals on the front. The western block comprises the garage. There the spine of secondary rooms is relocated, so that a covered court shows the entrance. The next block contains the large living room, the two eastern blocks comprise working rooms and the bedroom – because of the distance between these blocks a three-side enclosed, south-facing courtyard is formed.