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Corinna Menn

Reihenhäuser Forellenstube

best architects 11

multi-family homes


Tamins | Schweiz


Franz Rindlisbacher | Zürich


The Forellenstube residential development was constructed in the 1980s on the outskirts of the village of Tamins. The urban plan from that period defines the position and case volumes of the two rows of the estate’s last development phase. The proximity to the busy main road requires appropriate residential living space. Two different house types are created for the location. Along the estate’s street, the point-shaped, tall tower building elevates protected panorama-like residential life to the loft. Further back, the more sheltered, low-lying garden house accommodates ground-floor, open living. The units are added to form linear rows with deep rhythmical incisions. The single frame or ribbon windows reduce repetition and enclose the row into a single unit. The incisions of the roof terrace and loggia create exterior spaces within, thereby connecting life inside with the surrounding external environment in highly varied ways. Raw materials dominate the atmosphere inside like a dissected core. By refraining from surface layers, the static building elements, the cross wall structures, are made of bricks, while the ceilings and the roof consist of site-mixed concrete and are all clearly visible. Red clay clinker brick continues the brick theme on the floor. The raw nature of the materials deliberately contrasts with the fine, individual interior furnishing.