Claus Schuh / Ulrich Pfannschmidt: Mehrfamilienhaus Wilhelmstrasse 30 - best architects 11

Claus Schuh / Ulrich Pfannschmidt

Mehrfamilienhaus Wilhelmstrasse 30

best architects 11

multi-family homes




Christine Dempf | München


The apartment and commercial building at Wilhelmstrasse 30 is located in one of Munich’s most urbanized city quarters. In our approach to fit the scene we have built an angular volume that follows the elevation of the neighbouring buildings and takes up their façade structure. In awareness of the surrounding environment we have attempted to transform the traditional image. Instead of plaster frames, metallic ones frame the large windows. Sublime variations of the surface are generated by the change of materials from base to top. Natural stone changes to plaster with different stone additions. In order to merge roof and façade the roof is covered with white fibre cement panels. The wide and comfortable interiors are related to traditional bourgeois living. The open-plan design of the living rooms provides dynamic room sequences that expand and restrict, or meander round corners. Large roof terraces and loggias offer privacy or, with windows opened, embrace the city. Comforting materials like natural stone and wood emphasize the sensual design.