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Winterthur | Schweiz



Dominique Marc Wehrli


About 360 persons live in the housing area in Winterthur near Zurich. The area consists of a mixed typology consisting of single family homes, row houses, stacked multi-storey flats in long houses and apartment houses. Three big, slightly concave clearances span over the area of a former sports site. They spatially connect the green area along a tiny stream with the Eisweiherstrasse, the allotment gardens and bordering forest. By the light rotation as to the accompanying volumes the housing refers to the diverse geometries already existing in the district. Slightly closing and again opening, the busy accesses for pedestrians stretch in parallel with big green clearances. Between the single strings of houses are private undeveloped outskirt areas. The homes, as well as the flats are characterized by variegated diagonal views and generous room sequences.