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Rossetti + Wyss

Ausbau Cesare Ragazzi

best architects 10

interior work


Zürich | Schweiz


Jürg Zimmermann


The Haircenter ‹Cesare Ragazzi› is located at the shopping mall ‹Puls 5› in Zurich. Six main guide walls divide the interior space in zones of various dimensions. Around the concrete core in the centre of the shop is a wide and neutral hallway, guided by the main walls. By this arrangement of the elements, the working spaces are separated from each other. The principal role is played by the guiding walls: lightweight construction of glass and pressed mineral Rockwool boards are suspended from the ceiling. The ambiance lighting is set into the guide walls and provides the illumination of the space. The floor is the main reflector of the indirect light-concept. Through this, the geometry of the walls becomes apparent. The large sized glass boards carry natural and artificial light to the surrounding working spaces and ensure the requested privacy, although with a lack of any hermetic separation. This results in a composition of transparent and structured elements – separating and linking – at the same time. The reduced details of the construction support the perception of the main composition.