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Renato Maurizio und Reto Maurizio

Gewerbezentrum Punto Bregaglia

best architects 10

commercial/industrial buildings


Vicosoprano | Schweiz


Giancarlo Gardin


The trade centre on the outskirts of Vicosoprano is distinguished by several loosely situated individual buildings along the main road. This urban concept replaces the settlement structure that existed many years ago. The new construction however – a simple quadrangular building as its main shape – is accurately inserted into the front lines of the existing buildings. This precise integration along the main road reinforces the street space. The shape of the building is created to fit into the existing concept. The new edifice was developed in such a way that all shop and office spaces look onto the main road. The floor plan allows the several spaces be reorganized within the structure if the need arises. In order to achieve the greatest flexibility possible, the supporting walls were reduced onto the outer walls, and the inner separating wall was reduced between the effective areas and the development zone. On the outside, St. Andrew’s crosses were used to prevent statically burdening the diagonal internal walls (flexibility). Since the trade centre is used as a service centre, the structure also has to be perceived as a public building. The glass walls and the St. Andrew’s crosses make it a strong contrast to the existing construction. Yet, the use of larch wood ensures that the building fits into the local building culture.