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The house serves as a retreat, a guesthouse and as a place for the writing seminars of the client. The “living room” is a sculptured space – spacious and intimate at the same time – so that one person does not feel lost and twenty still find enough space. The layouts of all rooms are based on a circle plus an appendix. The variations range from the simple to the complex and are specific to the function and even characterize the function. Following this rule the living room for example is the most complex space, the writing room the simplest and the bedroom the most introverted with a niche for the bed pointing to the interior of the house. Steel and glass doors are the height of the room and separate as well as combine the spaces flowing into each other. > Construction, Materiality and Clime > The balloon-frame of this low-energy house is filled with hemp, braced with derived timber products and cladded with clay panels as well as fine, white clay. Together with a concrete core to collect warmth this structure creates a comfortable climate. The enclosure with non-treated, only 4 cm wide pine wood bars is a soft, elegant dress hiding the complexities of the “abstract” and “arctic” white landscapes of the interior.