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hg merz

Porsche Museum

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Brigida González


In 2003, HG Merz began work on the concept for a new Porsche Museum. The company drew up a storyboard comprising relevant topics, exhibits and their presentation, and also designed the permanent exhibition. It also oversaw the architect’s competition, won in 2005 by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Vienna. The exhibition concept builds on the idea of a museum on wheels. All vehicles are fully functional, and can be put on the road at any time. As visitors walk round the museum, they follow the chronological history of Porsche products. The history of production vehicles features the PORSCHE IDEAS – in other words, the distinctive Porsche characteristics, such as LIGHTNESS, INNOVATION, SPEED, STRENGTH, INTENSITY and CONSISTENCY. These are presented in dedicated areas, which include a historical exhibit illustrating the specific characteristic. The ideas are complemented by thematic islands, which relate a characteristic to the corresponding racing cars and prototypes. These three elements form a so-called triad, lending structure to the exhibition.