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Werner Huthmacher


For the last few years, a student work group has been active in setting up a collection of historic automobiles on campus. Outside of collecting historic cars and documents, the main focus of this activity is on restoring historic vehicles that have a connection to Zwickau as a place of production. The collection of historic vehicles is included in the training of future automotive engineers who wish to complete their practical training in the “Historic Vehicles” program. The main idea is borrowed from the typical teaching collection’s style where the exhibition pieces are kept in cabinets and display cases. The automobiles are placed in a presenting and protective frame, whose long, open sides offer tantalizing glances as well as placing the automobiles in the context of their surroundings. By mounting and encasing the historic vehicles, their aura is increased. The floating frame is made out of a single cement construction that is coated with a glossy white paint on the outside, which is reminiscent of a car body. The interior is lined with a wraparound inner insulation and painted a matte red in the style of the noble interior of classic cars. The glass façade facing the campus square can be opened via sliding doors for special occasions and allows for the connection between the exhibition pieces and the exterior space.