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Realschule Eching

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Stefan Müller-Naumann


The school located on the northwest outskirts of the town, between track and housing development and on the border to the open landscape requires the definition of a significant location. Because of its remote location and rather large distance to the city centre, the school is designed as a self-sufficient urban place. The new construction, consisting of a 3-floor school building and gym was created for approx. 1,000 pupils. The arrangement of the rectangular, kinked units creates an urban space with a sophisticated external appearance. The exterior structure of the building seems to be closed but is discontinued at distinctive points: to the north the schoolyard opens it to the landscape, in the south access is deepened in the ground level and reveals interesting views. And in the east the triple gym is one level lower and upstream to achieve a comfortable benchmark. The pupils’ homeroom classes are oriented primarily to the sun and the south, while the specialized classrooms point to the west and north and have deliberately chosen diffuse exposure to light. The corridors are designed as communicative zones with spatially projecting and receding spaces. The adjacently built gymnasium allows for direct links between the school and the gym.