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MPREIS Niederndorf

best architects 10

commercial/industrial buildings


Thomas Jantscher


The client asked for a “cool marketplace” – protected from sun and heat. Beside the village, in the midst of meadows, countryside, with a view to the mountains, forests and the wood stacks. Tree trunks bare of bark create spaces for a new meeting point on the outskirts. The MPREIS in Niederndorf is a small supermarket completed within a tight schedule and budget. For this reason alone the architectural means were reduced to a minimum. Debarked spruce taken from local woods only cost 125 EUR/m3 ex works – without further preparation a very reasonably priced solar screen. The tree-trunk filter forms a semi-public intermediate area at the crossing point between the car park and the supermarket. Subsequent to initial amazement, the acceptance of the building within the town is now extremely high, with the wood playing its part in the understanding of a contemporary design.