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Golf Zone Wien

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commercial/industrial buildings




Rupert Steiner


The project site is situated directly at the highway in an industrial centre at the gates of Vienna. The planners reacted to this very unusual location for a shop building with a very simple cubature that also corresponds to the neighbouring industry buildings. The outstanding layout of the façade showcases the building. In this project, the locally typical monochrome façade is transformed to a lively multicolour striped front that attracts the interest of the passersby and customers. The building is banked towards the highway to intensify its presence. The brightly multicoloured stripes confer identity to the building. On the far side of the highway, windows that are cut out like “black holes” shape the façade. This “black-hole-effect” and special appearance was attained using dark anti-sun glass. > Shopfitting > A clear architectural solution, fitting perfectly to the corporate identity of the “Golf Zone” had to be found. The architects aimed to translate the brand values into the language of architecture. The shopfitting solution is dynamic and subtle and creates differentiated spatial impressions by using a multitude of selected displays and pieces of furniture. The shopfitting with multiple cross-links is divided into different sections, clearly separated in the presentation of merchandise, and invites shoppers to take an exciting walk through the different sections of the shop with its comprehensive offer.