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Baustoffhandel Kraft

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commercial/industrial buildings




Florian Holzherr


The three buildings belonging to KRAFT are united by a semitransparent cover which separates the building complex from the surrounding neighbourhood. Thus the site is perceived as a spatial unity from inside and outside. The individual shapes are recognized as simple clear cubes within the external cover. KRAFT, which supplies building materials to local builders, is located in an urban commercial district in the south of Munich. After a 50-year existence the site of the company was rehabilitated and restructured. The new arrangement of the individual buildings makes the operational procedures of the company more efficient: the office building, training centre with sales room and warehouse are closely situated within the complex allowing suitable access for vehicles as well as pedestrians. The building complex assumes a determined architectural position contrasting with the heterogeneous neighbourhood, which is characterized by commercial buildings and living quarters. Viewed from the street the continuity of the translucent façade and the row of oak trees make a clear contribution to the cityscape.