Oskar Leo Kaufmann | Albert Rüf: DMG Headquarters - best architects 10

Oskar Leo Kaufmann | Albert Rüf

DMG Headquarters

best architects 10

office/administrative buildings


Adolf Bereuter


The scheme of DMG Headquarters embraces a representative exhibition area as well as administrative zones. On the one hand there is a visual connection from the entrance plateau in front of the building to the exhibition hall; on the other hand the lowered volume of the scheme gives a company-participating feeling to the client from the inside. The typological raising of the boulevard area as a visual interface between administration and exhibition becomes the representative entrance. The load bearing construction of this area is described best as a wide spanning bridge element in order to maximize the orientation within the building by visual connections. The light yard – defining spatial typology and imparting within different levels – gives natural ambiance of light for the central boulevard. The divisible and joinable meeting rooms orientate towards the exhibition area.