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Verwaltungsgebäude Max Bögl Stahlbau

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office/administrative buildings


Neumarkt i.d. Opf.


Michael Heinrich


The building is situated close to the production halls for steel construction manufacturing. The north-south orientation of the building is similar to the structure of the nearby working area and the historical Ludwig Danube-Main Canal with its avenue. The industrial surroundings are marked by huge and windowless volumes and extensive stockyards with rows of stacked building materials. The appearance of the building reflects the specific character of the location. The volume fits into a row of geometrical landscape structures. It is composed of two windowless concrete volumes including the adjoining rooms. The office floors between those volumes are flanked by a brise soleil. The frame structure of the brise soleil is situated in front of the glass façade and is made of canted steel panels which are screwed together. It allows for cleaning and maintenance of the window front. All prefabricated concrete parts and steel construction elements were produced in the on-site manufacturing halls. The ceiling consists of 13 metre-long and 2.5 metre-wide prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs. They provide a free interior arrangement with flexible division of the working areas by creating a column-free space. This offers ideal conditions to the often-changing project teams. A communication area with the self-supporting steel stair is located on every office floor. The thermo active ceiling components and the mechanical ventilation ensure a constant indoor climate. Heating and cooling are based on renewable energy sources such as geothermal use of the ground water and wood combustion.