Bernardo Bader: EMA Haus - best architects 10
Bernardo Bader: EMA Haus - best architects 10

Bernardo Bader

EMA Haus

best architects 10

single family homes


Feldkirch | Österreich


Adolf Bereuter


Having inherited a small building plot in the town of Feldkirch close to the Swiss border, a young woman demanded for a home that would perfectly fit her individual needs, without exceeding the extremely tight budget. Best possible use of space with a custom-made building was the main goal to be achieved. With a total area of 110 m2 - including a garage (according to building code needed) – spread over 3 levels, the building occupies a minimal footprint on the plot, leaving most of the garden unaffected. The resulting advantageous volume-to-surface ratio ensures sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-effective living. To build in the height creates the great advantage of free view in spite of expected compaction in the neighbourhood. On the ground floor a “summer studio” directly links to the garden, bath and bedrooms are located on the second floor, while kitchen, dining and living area are situated on the top floor – offering a preferred view to the Swiss mountains. Each storey has its own characteristics and unique windows. Varying in size and position, every opening controls and focuses the perception of the outward landscape in its own way. Prefabricated timber-elements for walls and ceilings, being already fully equipped with technical installations and the interior panelling made from birch plywood, ensured short construction time and low building cost. The essential aim of the project is to define a novel approach to one of the true challenges of contemporary architecture: low budget – high quality.