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Haus K

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Wolfgang Croce


In the traditional configuration, the building consists of a brick built, vaulted wine cellar with a wooden timber construstion with gabled roof, that houses the winepress on top. The ‘Kellerstöckl’ is situated on a hillside facing north-west, from which side one is able to enter the winecellar in-plane. The south-east side lies adjacent to a country lane. The old wooden construction was found in a desolate condition. Therefor the wooden upperfloor was exchanged by a completely new construction, interpreting the old traditional form in a modern manner. The Community wanted to set the building in a 2 meter distance to the street, which made the cubature move towards the north-west, the wooden construction and the gabled roof still being the main character. These buildings for wine-pressing and wine storage were built for sole function, they were pure agricultural buildings. The Character of the building is more that of a shed or a barn on a solid foundation. There were built basically as a ‘one-room’ building, most of the time with no windows, just one door to enter. The new residential purpose is also organized as a ‘one-room’ appartement. Living, cooking, bathroom, sleeping in one space. The fassade is interpreting the barn or shed appearance in the traditional landscape. The three fassades appear completely closed. Door and Window are hidden behind the wooden slats. Only the north-west-fassade is opening up with a wallwide panoramic window.