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Sporthalle Hardau

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Zürich | Schweiz


Beat Bühler


The Hardau quarter, located at the west end of the district Aussersihl does not count to the highly privileged areas of Zurich. It is burdened with transit traffic, public open space is rare and the social diversity is low. The Zurich city council declared in1998, the upgrading of the Hardau quarter as an legislative goal. Besides dealing with residential housing and pedestrising public space its main objective was the development of scholastic and recreative facilities. The auditorium is elevated above the ground floor which reduces the overall Footprint left on the entrance level and underlines the public trait of the building. The entrance floor is fully glazed on all sides and allows the surroundings to flow freely through the building. The wide cascading staircases connect the extroverted ground floor with the introverted auditorium. The circumscribing and raised audience gallery bestows the auditorium with character of a Sports Arena. The graceful white veil disguises the varied façade construction in a decorative, almost festive manner.