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trint + kreuder d.n.a / Bertholon Reynier Seher

Seiler Höfe

best architects 09

office/administrative buildings




Gottfried Eggerbauer


The hall complex in the western part of the “Seilerei” is the last big module in revitalizing the industrial area “Nördliche Schanzenstraße” Cologne-Mülheim. On a base of 12.800 square meters, a mix of office-, studio- and storagesurfaces is developed right now. After the rope fabrication stopped in the 80´s, the “Seilerei” itself was reused as an officecomplex with about 600 IT workplaces by the Bayer Group up till 2003. To make sure there´s a longtime use of the hall complex with its construction depth of more than 65 meters, an internal street was established at the representative back facade. This way along the cladding is characterized by partial roofing of the historic steel constrution. Inner courtyards were cut into the building complex for privat use such as entrance and/or common rooms. > Concept > The basic idea is to use the existing structures and materials, and transform them into a new monochrome composition. Building A+B with there impressive ribbon glazing characterize the image of the northern Schanzenstraße. These glazings go from bottom to top and give a feeling of overlooking the Schanzenstraße and the surrounding brick walls getting part of the office. You enter the building by 4 open courtyards cut into the structure. Office units from 200 to 2000 square meters are realised. Building C+D, the trinkets of the complex is characterized by its filigran steel structure of the roof. This motive is emphazised through the architecture of both parts of the hall and some kind of the showpiece for the whole complex.