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best architects 09

commercial/industrial buildings


Montceau les Mines | Frankreich


Roland Halbe


The house of innovation is in the centre of Montceau – les – Mines, on the border of the “canal du centre”, on the edge of buildings of the 19th century. The implantation of the building is the direct reaction of an old behave being very close to the channel. The wish to maintain the huge trees generating this fantastic site, gave to this building his final position. The mirror of sky, trees and water in the skin of this industrial complex solved the paradox in between an industrial building and a very urban place in the centre of the city. The building had to solve the beginning of the new urban extension of the centre of the city, and create a Landmark. The programme of the building is a mecatronic laboratory putting together local mechanic knowledge with the global informatics evolutions. A huge Faraday cage is the higher head building, in behind a long laboratory building is connecting the activity with the older part of the ensemble. A simple steel structure uses the local knowledge and fabrication, the skin is made of stainable steel panels using the advantage of the local market, which produces these panels.