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Prager Zeile

best architects 09

multi-family homes




Christoph Reichelt


Destroyed in 1945, the famous Dresden city boulevard “Prager Strasse” was reerected between 1965 and 1978, as a representative measure of the socialist urban development. The eastern edge of the ensemble is bound by the substantial apartment block, ranking among the largest residential buildings of Europe with 240 metres in length and a hight of eleven storeys. Addressing various audiences, the new housing supply ranges from simple and inexpensive student apartments up to luxurious penthouses with a magnificent view. With the refurbishment the preservation of an unique example of modern building design could be achieved, and regaining the outstanding presence of an important city component rendered possible. The new expressive cladding structure is punctually interrupted by the remarkable city loggias, offering daylight for the corridor areas. They also function as venues for the tenants and play a decisive role in the concept of fire protection.