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Fachhochschule Sihlhof

best architects 09

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Zürich | Schweiz


Walter Mair


This project calls for a respectful interpretation of local building characteristics while meeting the requirements of a large and still partly undefined schedule of accommodation, all within the framework of a short design and construction phase. The design employs ambiguities as a way of dealing with these complexities. The virtual maximum building volumes defined by the building regulations provided a starting point, the building was then shaped in such a way that it could be integrated in its surroundings in a responsive manner. Two overlaid light wells, each belonging to one of the two integrated schools, respond to the depth of the building. They are connected to each other to form a continuous spatial figure that gives the interior something of the character of a university, while also permitting a variety of uses and relationships. Despite the way the volume is varied the uniform materialisation of the exterior – prefabricated, three-dimensional and sanded concrete elements for the walls and roof surfaces – creates a homogenous sculptural appearance.