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best architects 09

multi-family homes




Mirco Taliercio


In 2007 the US Army redeployed 10 000 soldiers to Grafenwöhr. In this context the 3 semi-detached houses were built in Weiden to be rented by the Army. Concerning the long term value of the site the design focused on urban development and flexibility of the buildings. The shapes of the structures are partly bevelled, the structures themselves slightly shifted to open up the view into the landscape and the prominent Weiher-Hof, a homestead. A semi-public passage through the premises could be established by the time the contract of lease with the troops expires. As for flexibility of the buildings, they can be changed from semi-detached houses to multi-unit apartment complexes. For this purpose the staircase can be altered from single to double-flight and therefore allows a multiplicity of layouts for apartments and commercial spaces.