U15 Novello Eligio: OAI - SMR - best architects 09

U15 Novello Eligio


best architects 09

office/administrative buildings


Vevey | Schweiz




Bertin François


The project evokes the themes of membership and difference, opening and intimacy, transparency and confidentiality, humanity and technicality. Situated at the corner of two streets, in a difficult context, the building binds to the space of the street by a broad frontage of entry laid out in withdrawal. The edifice’s cornice is higher than the street’s face. By this form, the building affirms its integration in urban tissue and its identity of the head. The frontage expresses the program: confidential and public. Despite its introverted appearance, the building reveals its openings through the multiple and discreet skin’s perforations. It ensures an opening to the city and a natural ventilation of interiors. The glazed skin, striated with fine serigraphies, ensures solar protection. It alternates the transparency vision and direct light and translucence-increased visual protection – which all guarantee an intimacy for the examination and comfort in the computerized workspaces. The interior colours evoke hope and tolerance – green, as well as openness and energy – yellow. The building is technically completed but remains managed in a natural way by the human beings.