Titus Bernhard: Haus L - best architects 09

Titus Bernhard

Haus L

best architects 09

single family homes




Christian Richters


The land gets its qualities of the topography and its spaciousness, less of a “Panorama View” as formulated in the competition. We react with a concept, both natural related views and introverted courtyards. A multi floor level design doesn’t meliorate the visibility relationship to a few miles distant landscape space. That is why we issue with a flat roof the topography. The built environment is heterogeneous. Thus, house L becomes its own per program generated ambivalent type. This approach offers enormous potential for a variable configuration. We offer the client a kind of matrix, in which they can develop their own individual variant. The Program areas are divided into individual components, like a kit together. Diversity and possibilities of a flowing space continuum caused by ever-changing vistas and staggered levels.