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Technische Berufsschule Zürich

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Zürich | Schweiz


Reinhard Zimmermann


The solitary building of the Berufsschule on the bank of the river Sihl completes a long row of high, prominent buildings. The edifice is orientated along the Limmat and so resumes the elongated volume of the Kunstgewerbeschule. The elevation of the tower establishes a relationship with the surrounding area. The gymnasium and the multipurpose rooms are located at the top of the tower and are therefore clearly visible from many different viewpoints in the surroundings. So even though this building is not very central, it has a big impact on the neighbourhood which exceeds the purely functional purpose of a school premises. The concrete structure of the façade not only shows the inner layout but also organises and unites the entire building. The materials on the inside incorporate the reduced and restrained exterior appearance.