SQUID / Gundolf Leitner / Peter Raneburger: Fashionstore Solo - best architects 09

SQUID / Gundolf Leitner / Peter Raneburger

Fashionstore Solo

best architects 09

interior work


Lienz | Österreich




Angelo Kaunat


The concept is based on the idea of a sculptural deformation of the interior of a rectangular tunnel-like space [3.25m (height) x 5m (width) x 18m (length)], divided into 18 single segments each measuring 1m. The floor, walls and ceiling are formed by/made up of formal and functional  

parameters – corresponding to their position in the room – in order to create a new spatial surface. All necessary functions are integral parts of the interior surface or the plastic substance which is generated by the deformation itself. The order of the segments creates a continuum – rather like a spinal column – in which the parts react to each other. The homogeneity of the interior surface produces an effect of organic unity. Movement within the room reflects the linear structure of the sculpture. This creates a field of tension that extends from the store’s eye-catching entrance all the way into the depths of its interior.