RaiserLopesDesigners: D19 Betriebs-Restaurant der HUGO BOSS AG - best architects 09


D19 Betriebs-Restaurant der HUGO BOSS AG

best architects 09

interior work




Frank Kleinbach


The new administrative building of HUGO BOSS AG in Metzingen is determined by its chaste character. Materials like fairfaced concrete and glass emphasize the cool appearance of the premises. The restaurant reacts to the baldness of the space. Basic materials such as oiled wood, natural coloured leather, felt, even Corian, black MDF are placed next to the roughly optic of contrete and glass. The functional segmentation and the genuine materials resemble a monasterial plainless, which invites to dinner. Strung-out and plain tables and benches without backrest form the central eating area homogeneous block. The jumping arrangement of tables and benches break up the rigidity an allow small and huge circles of communictaion. The way inbetween are nested an slow down the walking. A demand for equality for all who eat or drink in the restaurant. The light elements, 8m whide and 25m long hover like big laterns. 10 polygonal segments covered with black material spread an athmospheric light.