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Kindergarten Nenzlingen

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Nenzlingen | Schweiz


Christian Vogt


The nursery school is the first stage of the amelioration of the community of Nenzlingen. An important characteristic of the architecture of the village is the sloped topography. > The nursery school > The nursery school is a panoramic terrace cut into the hillside. The inside and the outside spaces of the terrace merge smoothly. The green concrete slab roof covers the inside space like a gigantic umbrella. Seen from the north, it resembles a mighty plant in the landscape. The main space is flexible in its use and the ceiling subdivides it into transverse spaces, which can be separated by the sliding walls. Thus, the kindergarten is also suitable for primary school tuition. Each room is endowed with its own characteristic atmosphere created by the colouring and the way in which the light is directed. The main room has a pyramidal ceilings cape and a panoramic view of Laufen district. The atmosphere in the lobby/changing room is created by an oval roof light through which the sky is seen as if through a huge eye, while in the wet cells the blue colouring of the walls and floors coupled with the light from the round roof light dome create the effect of being inside an aquarium. > Technical installations > All rooms of the kinder garden are artificially ventilated. Both, the generously glazed facade to the south and the well-insulated subterranean northern “facade” form ideal preconditions for energetically optimised minimal energy standards.