Nissen & Wentzlaff: Bürogebäude Roche Pharma - best architects 09 gold

Nissen & Wentzlaff

Bürogebäude Roche Pharma

best architects 09 gold

office/administrative buildings


Grenzach | Schweiz



Ruedi Walti


The new building complements the structure of its surroundings and forms a balanced ensemble with the existing administrative building designed by Roland Rohn. It follows the existing line of buildings, opens up the representative extant staircase and strengthens aspects of the spacious parking garage. The white frame of the facade borrows the grace of the Rohn building, but also presents its own unique look of lightness and transparency. Two ground-floor corridors connect the old and new buildings in the south and north. Together with the middle floor of the existing building and the central development and atrium areas of the new building, they form a ring around which key central functions are located. All four levels are connected together above the central atrium with conference areas and decks for breaks on each floor. This brings the transparency and openness of the outer shell into the building’s interior and, along with the office area’s open space concept, creates an attractive, communicative and flexible work environment.