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best architects 09

office/administrative buildings




Roland Halbe


The new building of the feco-Forum in Karlsruhe is located in an anonymous industrial area. The structure is divided in three units: The ground and first floor level are dedicated to the exhibition and – just on the first floor – the necessary administration rooms. Further office rooms, which are used by a different company, are located in the separated second floor. Therefore we had to design the access of the staircase for different users. Finally, on top, a straightened floor plan offers a wonderful panomramic view to the eastern hills beyond the freeway. The way from outside to inside is dominated by different light dispositions. From the bright to the cushion atmosphere of the stair case, back to the brightness of the exhibition area. From there it is possible to perceive its frontal light towards the street, the rooflight in the middle of the room and finally the streak of light along the northern wall, which accompanys the gradual way upstairs beside the exhibition platforms. The floor covering of the house consists of mastic asphalt with supplement of marble. The division of the interior spaces is made by the partition walls of the feco company. An ondulated facade of dark aluminium gives the building ist characteristic appearance. The complete building is conceived as a solid structure. The climatic conditioning is ensured by a concrete core activation (geological heat).