Grüntuch Ernst: Bürogebäude Leipziger Straße - best architects 09

Grüntuch Ernst

Bürogebäude Leipziger Straße

best architects 09

office/administrative buildings




Volker Bültmann


Leipziger Strasse runs from Potsdamer Platz to Alexanderplatz, and is one of central Berlin’s main traffic arteries. A new office block of almost 8,000 sqm was to be conceived here, fitting in with its essentially uneven neighbourhood by offering prestigious yet dynamic architecture. The building meets the design requirements of a 2-storey arcade and a recessed top floor. But the traditional façade articulation is reinterpreted in an uninhibitedly contemporary way with contemporary materials and design elements. Deep stratification with perforated, shimmeringly coloured vertical stainless steel slats, metal-clad edges marking the top of each storey and floor-high fields of glass open the building up demonstratively to the urban space, while at the same time linking up with the façade depth, articulation and relief of the old architecture, using contemporary forms. At the same time its golden colour scheme provides a powerful counterpoint among buildings clad in natural stone, and also forges a visual connection with Hans Scharoun‘s buildings in the nearby Kulturforum.