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Römermuseum Xanten

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Gatermann + Schossig


The location of the building in the “Archaeologischer Park Xanten”,regarded in Europe as a significant Roman habitat north of the Alps, lies in a historically extraordinary context. The development of the Romans Museum is set on the foundations of the former therma narthex and completes the therma defense structure so that the volume of the therma complex can once again be experienced as a building. The layout represents the historical spatial proportions. The main load bearing structure is formed by box-like steel frames which are positioned on the width of the historical wall. The spatial impression is interpreted by the number of frames and the compression in perspective. The outer skin of the museum consists of a light, suspended diaphragm, made from vertically arranged glazing and panels which make the room seem to open up when crossing it. The exposition levels – partly inclined and connected by stairs – are designed as a surface-continuum which developes inside of the open space. The moulding emphasizes the lenghtways aspect of the hall and enables a cross-vista so the dimension of the hall can be experienced. The design of the levels supports the exposition: a historical trip through the time of the Romans.