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Atelierhaus Büsserach

best architects 09

single family homes


Büsserach | Schweiz


Ruedi Walti


The shed, used by earlier generations as storage and workshop, was converted with a low budget into a Studio and apartment house. A new roof absorbs the structural forces, thus all existing beams could be removed. The new roof structure bears on the existing walls and is, where more space was required, folded upwards. Untreated steel plates are covering the new roof, in analogy to the rusty roofs sometimes seen on agricultural buildings. All the other materials are left untouched, renewed only where necessary. Big windows are opening up in every direction to the rural landscape. From the inside those seem to be enormous pictures with ever changing light impressions. In the main living floor the floor, walls and ceiling are planked with fir boards and resemble the original firtree floors, which could not be used anymore. In the big studio downstairs a contained neutral atmosphere is created by the use of waxed cement walls and a cast plaster floor. In the new designed studio room in the attic with the huge opening towards north floor, walls and ceiling are covered with paper.