Burkhalter Sumi: Wohnüberbauung Herrliberg - best architects 09

Burkhalter Sumi

Wohnüberbauung Herrliberg

best architects 09

multi-family homes


Herrliberg | Schweiz


Heinrich Helfenstein


The volumes of the individual buildings are staggered, both horizontally and vertically, thus reacting to the sloping topography. At the same time, slender front walls are made by which the buildings integrate entirely naturally in a spatial clasp between the lower buildings along Schulhausstrasse and the retaining wall of the upper plateau. As a consequence, the transparency of the former vineyard parallel to the hillside is preserved. An “annexe” with a library, workrooms and a spacious terrace is located in front of the house. The reddishly glazed larch linings on the front side windows seem to work as picture frames when taking a look outside focusing the Glarner Alps further up the lake or Üetliberg which is located at the end of the lake. In contrast, the 10-metre-wide openings of the main facades are designed as panorama windows. The external concrete window surrounds screen the immediate surroundings, directing the view towards Lake Zurich and the range of hills behind it. The building envelope was constructed in a monolithic style using no expansion joints of any kind. The interior is clad like a sheath with insulation covered with white render. As a contrast to the rather coarse, cool exposed concrete of the façade, here warm white tones from Le Corbusier’s Salubra series of colours were used. Together with the brushed oak floors this creates a Korean interior atmosphere.