Burkhalter Sumi: Restaurant und Bar „Werd“ - best architects 09

Burkhalter Sumi

Restaurant und Bar „Werd“

best architects 09

interior work


Zürich | Schweiz


Heinz Unger


The circular stairs with the curved bar subdivide the room into a very high entrance, lounge and bar front area and a lower dining area in the back below and on the gallery. The curved parapet of the gallery in form of a surrounding bench gives a certain dynamics to the room. In the evening, the dining area on the ground floor is curtained off, thus creating a coherent background for the bar. The rich green floor of the restaurant takes on the colourfulness of the facade membranes and builds the basis for the staircase, bar and furnishing. Staircase and gallery form one glossy red-painted element and seem to be held only by the round green column. The black-painted existing columns, which do carry the weight of the gallery, stay in the background and are meant to build a contrast to the fragility of the glass envelope and to articulate the double floor construction of the public room. The half-round bar at the staircase is made from bog oak. It is the only element which is not painted. The table legs are of the same colour as the floor, thus appearing to grow from the ground while the red lounge armchairs seem to float on the ground due to the complementary colour contrast.