BEHF: 2006Feb01 - best architects 09 gold



best architects 09 gold

interior work


Wien | Österreich



Bruno Klomfar


The BEHF concept incorporates the attractive, unique genius loci of the inner city as a lively and busy shopping metropolis as well as the historical building fabric with courtyards and stately old rooms from Austria’s past. The historical stone facade of the former bank building was playfully re-interpreted for its new purpose with elegant portal elements painted black and transparent, semi-transparent, mirrored and obviously glazed. The hardware of the floors – stairs, walls and ceilings – bear the typical BEHF signature of raw, smooth concrete surfaces and purist grey. Two storey-high cubes flank the simple, rectangular space of both floors. They are covered in reptile leather of the finest glove quality. Inside, they reveal a surprising, changing and colourful world. Niches, shelves, drawers and cabins are decorated with different and luxurious materials such as polished stainless steel or sumptuous tapestries. Large presentation counters, covered with cloth, are arranged like furniture and invite visitors to sit down and relax.