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Aigner - Architecture

FreudenHaus EyewearStore

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interior work




Florian Pipo


An adaption of the present brand architecture to the respective clientele and target group of the new location Leopoldstrasse Munich should be achieved – concurrently retaining the hitherto existing identity. The unorthodox encased shop windows with the round porthole cutouts which show the passers-by clips of the current eyeglass collections hide the complex presentation techniques behind the large metal door. A white counter floats as a space sculpture in the centre. Extendable “Glass-Tubes” stick out of the ceiling and out of the walls presenting eyeglasses and constitute an advancement of the preceding “Bubble-Displays” at the same time. Room-high reflecting surfaces in the sales room make the small appearing corner shop look larger and help to generate light in the white concept. Upon gazing at the doors at the other side of the room, one recognizes how sensitive the forms of the Corporate Architecture were taken up here: Gull-wing doors, with a round glass cutout and the centrically set semicircular grasps, resembling an oversize pupil.