Adrian Streich: Wohn- und Gewerbeüberbauung Lienihof - best architects 09

Adrian Streich

Wohn- und Gewerbeüberbauung Lienihof

best architects 09

multi-family homes


Zürich | Schweiz


Roger Frei


The Lienihof complex, situated between Albis and Heinrich-Federer streets in Zurich-Wollishofen, Switzerland, is incorporated into a virtually similar building site. Its complex sequence of 20 corners in the structure reflects respect for the building regulations in force as well as for the polygonal form of the plot. The building shape, determined by necessity, is balanced by the courtyard which opens up towards the south, thus constituting an architectural force of its own. Surrounding balustrades express the character of this meandering visually horizontal construction. The pine-wood panelling of the balustrades painted in dark red is a reference to the traditional carpenter’s workshop which once stood on the site. Following the sophisticated form of the building, the different apartments are designed as complex figures, closely interwoven with each other so that together, they build but a single form. This organic adjustment of the ground plans to the outer structure generates inner spaces which offer a variety of perspectives, views and insights – an architectural approach which leads to interesting inner promenades continuously changing their orientation while moving through the apartments. Each of the upper floors comprises 11 different apartments which are accessed by three stairscases. The ground floor accomodates both business premises and an apartment for persons with nursing needs. A long hall linking streets, courtyard and the three staircases, creates a community space.