hg merz: Neues Mercedes-Benz Museum - best architects 08 gold

hg merz

Neues Mercedes-Benz Museum

best architects 08 gold

interior work




Brigida Gonzalez


The new Mercedes-Benz Museum follows a conception that shows and explores the history and present of the company and brand. Stars of the museum are the exhibits; the cars and their context are of main interest. Already in the run-up to the architectural competition, hg merz architectural practice was entrusted as curator, responsible for the concept of contents for the museum. This first concept phase, starting with an analysis of the company’s large collection, the presentation’s division in legend and collection rooms, a section for racing cars, and the exhibition sector »The Fascination of Technology«. Together with UNStudio, the awarded contribution to the competition and the concept of the content were mutually adjusted. In close cooperation with the DaimlerChrysler museum project group, hg merz worked out the recording of the contents up to the formulation of texts, the search for and selection of exhibits, the complete general planning of the exhibition design, graphic design, and the concept and planning of implemented media, and managed the coordination of architecture and contents.