Stefan Forster: Patio-Wohnen im Dichterviertel - best architects 08

Stefan Forster

Patio-Wohnen im Dichterviertel

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Stefan Forster


The courageous transformations of the prefab-slab constructions in Leinefelde were successful in leading the city away from its anonymity. The building completes the “Poet’s Quarter”. As with the other projects more than two floors of the existing building were deconstructed and a house segment was completely removed, so that two three-storey modern residential buildings originated. The flats were cored, designed openly and generously. In the top floor there are big flats with so-called “patio rooms”, protected and private outside rooms within the facade. On the west side, turned towards the landscape, a new balcony is suspended in the first floor. All 39 residential units are barrier-free and dispose of a private outside space. The outside level was heaped-up to the ground floor, so that the flats on both sides received private tenant’s gardens. A new privacy of the condominium originates from the design of the surroundings with courtyards at the entrance and retaining walls.