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Hauptstraße 2

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Christoph Reichelt


See and Be Seen > The Golden Corner > The “Hauptstraße” in Dresden was finished in 1730 following the plans of Wolf Caspar von Klengel. A majority of the original construction was destroyed in 1945. In order to obtain better living conditions through encreased distances between buildings, the design scheme of collateral fronts was abandoned in the course of the reconstruction from 1974 until 1980. The new buildings were then developed in a module construction scheme from large precast concrete elements with continuous loggia parapet walls. Yet the spectacular view on the historical silhouette of the town remained unconsidered in the architectural conception in the seventies. Now this view is stressed by the plasticity and the colourfulness of the façade, giving a new emphasis to the unique situation. The houses were adapted to match today’s requirements by careful and yet effective interferences. In spite of the extraordinary structural complexity, additional windows were cut into the previously sealed gable wall, to give every tenant a share of the beautiful view. The sloping balcony walls at the buildings corner do not only form an appealing geometry, they also provide privacy to the residents. By establishing this particular shape the view is gently directed towards the panorama of the historic city center. Moreover the value of that unique urban situation is emphasised by the golden lustre of the building. Anodized aluminum panels light up the façade in various light situations again and again.