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Adrian Streich

Wohnsiedlung Werdwies

best architects 08 gold

multi-family homes


Zürich | Schweiz


Roger Frei


The course of the river Limmat and the motorway represent two antipodes forming the boundariers of the insular microcosm of the Grünau Quarter in Zurich, Switzerland. The Werdwies residential complex provides the Quarter with an open centre characterised by the density of an inner space. The complex consists of seven rhythmically positioned prism-like constructions creating a sequence of built and open spaces. This leads to the emergence of several smaller and larger squares, each with its own character. A hard covering with integrated lawn areas forms the ground area of the exterior space and allows free movement within the residential complex. The planting of about 100 trees underlines the park-like character of the complex. Each building comprises seven residential floors, having a total of 152 apartments in three different house types. The houses are distinguished by their staircases with loggias and stairwells. The spacious loggias create a dense relationship between interior and exterior space. At the same time, they mark the beginning of a principle of layers, generating a comprehensive modularity. Each apartment includes a sequence of rooms lighted from different directions, with areas for living, eating and sleeping. Simple layouts with long rooms and built-in cupboards extending over the whole length of the wall give the apartments a robust character.