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Haus Meier

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single family homes


Soglio | Schweiz


Raymond Meier


The project is situated at the boarder of Soglios village center, close to grand historic buildings and small, economic housing. This circumstance made the proportionality a main issue of the planning stage. The delicate position of the building site and the extensive room program determined the concept. We choose a solution with two houses, connected only in the basement. The entrance, the photographer’s studio and the auxiliary rooms are placed in the basement. Kitchen, living room and bedrooms are distributed among the two houses. The two buildings – one with a plastered, the other with a wooden façade – are standing along a small village lane. Picture windows open the site towards the private garden and the landscape. The position of the constructions as well as the reduction of the applied materials, adopts the typology of the village. The plastered building, standing directly at the small village lane, builds the main entrance. The second building, standing slightly back, and embedded in the meadow, seems more as an auxiliary building. This impression is emphasized by the wooden sheeting façade which corresponds to the cladding of the economic buildings. Even though the two houses stand very close to one another, the inhabitants have to cross a small outdoor passage, resembling the lanes of the village. Nevertheless steel sliding windows, sliding shutters, concrete elements covering the outdoor sitting space and the manufacturing of the materials clearly refer to contemporary architecture.