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Sportanlage Wolfern

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Wolfern | Österreich


Hertl Architekten


The existing pitch is situated in a ditch and the grandstand is integrated in the slope. Down across the entrance stairs one is led to a new place, which connects the grandstand with the existing terrace of the sports club, so that a passing through band is composed for the watchers. At the same time it serves as a bar in front of the kiosk and the toilets. A simple L placed on the head, forms the profile of the grandstand-canopy, which consists of a 50 cm strong angle. As a part of the club’s logo-colour it is coated white and becomes the identification tag of the sports field – even in the night, because the insides are carried out with behind-shined opaque polycarbonate panels. The second logo-colour which is black, appears through the grandstand-seats and the kiosk. The concrete-cube of the kiosk is set in the white angle profile. The small place in front becomes the centre of the sports field.