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Stadtbad Dornbirn

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Dornbirn | Österreich


Hanspeter Schiess


The extension of the indoor baths is orientated towards the structure of the existing construction with buildings in the style of villas and gardens which resemble a park. The character of municipal swimming baths is retained. The facilities on offer and the area of the existing indoor baths are doubled in the southerly direction with a new pool section and in the northerly direction with a new sauna zone. Distracting installed fixtures are removed, with the structure and character of the building as well as the characteristic sloping roof shape on the existing building being retained. A fully self-contained black physical structure towers over the new indoor swimming pool and includes a geometric walkway system to allow people to get up high as well as an organically configured system of pipes for the slide. Multimedia effects help to define the respective areas visually and acoustically. Alongside the service zone, a new sauna zone is organized. This section of the building is fully closed off from the outside world and ensures complete privacy. The cell-like structure of the rooms arranged in a linear fashion is made rhythmic and lit up by five colourful air wells. The untreated wood is deliberately intended to have direct connotations with people’s untreated skin. Each individual spatial cell reveales a unique world embracing different temperatures, colours and fragrances. Black stone in the wet rooms and colours for the air wells create individual moods unique to each room and specific spatial environments.